Edelweiss Stahl 6 delige pannenset

Edewelweiss Stahl 6 delige pannenset

€ 1.150,00


Edelweiss Stahl 6 delige pannenset

Are you a Kitchen Princess? Then you can choose your cookware (pots, casserole dishes, strainers) with the greatest care. With this 21-piece cookware La Table des Chefs cooking even more fun.

The package consists of 21 parts: a pot and a pan on a baking dish with lid on a grater. Each product consists of a stainless steel (18% chromium, 10% nickel and 72% iron), which is also used in the medicine world. The material resists deformation and is for health. Additionally, you can save energy can cook, because the material ensures rapid heating. The cookware is also dishwasher safe. The packet is transmitted in a luxury box.

We hope you enjoy cooking!